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UniSec's IT Security Audit/Assessment

Know your Cybersecurity Level

We examine what organizations are doing to stay secure and compliant in the fast-paced world of modern business.  Your business can now have an experienced, focused IT Security Assessment, dedicated to the real security issues that can mean the difference between success and failure in both reputation and operations.

UniSec offers a complete on-site security assessment, covering all areas of computer security, including physical access, password security, risk assessment, policies and procedures, etc. The UniSec assessment is structured around the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization ISO17799/27002.  The examination process consists of the following phases:

  1. Identification of key IT systems

  2. Identification of key IT personnel

  3. Identification of key IT users/customers

  4. Identification of threats to IT systems

  5. Quantification of risk those threats present to IT systems

  6. Quantify potential impact of an occurrence

  7. Review of all systems and procedures for exposure to the above risks

  8. Recommendations on remediation / risk management

The systems and control measures examined are:

  1. Business Continuity Planning

  2. Systems Access Control

  3. System Development and Maintenance

  4. Physical and Environmental Security

  5. Compliance (if required)

  6. Personnel Security

  7. Security Organization

  8. Computer and Network Management

  9. Asset Classification and Control

  10. IT Security and Related Policies

In addition, UniSec also reviews the following systems and control measures:

  1. Review insurance policies to determine adequacy of coverage regarding IT assets

  2. Existing support for vendor and risk management

  3. Wireless assets and controls

  4. Patch management implementation

  5. Visit sites (physical penetration test, if requested )

The audit documentation includes:

  • Identify and catalog all IT assets.

  • Evaluate security threats and risks, both physical and electronic

  • Risk Assessment to quantify risks and project effects

  • Internal and external vulnerability scans, with full report and suggested remediation of any problems

  • Suggested changes to current IT Security Policy and Risk Assessment

  • Written report with summary letter to Board of Directors

UniSec’s years of experience ensure you of a complete assessment that provides up to date security information and recommendations in a format you can use.  Also, remember that a UniSec assessment includes one year of support, helpful in remediation and budgeting.

Take steps now to avoid what has become all too common these days, a financial or reputational emergency brought on by ineffective defenses against a cyberattack. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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