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CyberSecurity and Compliance Consulting Services

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UniSec's Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)

Upgrade your Cybersecurity with world class leadership

Having an Information Security Officer in charge of cybersecurity is a requirement for many regulated industries and best practice frameworks.  Unisec can provide a virtual ISO, designing, implementing and running security programs, reporting to upper  management and boards of directors, while avoiding the cost of a full time,  salaried officer.

UniSec's Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO)

Comply with Privacy Laws

Having a Data Protection Officer is now a requirement for any company doing business in the EU and many US states. We can help with design and delivery of a customized general privacy program that meets all current and anticipated laws, such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  UniSec can provide  all the policies, processes, procedures and training needed to comply with state and customer requirements.

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UniSec's IT Security Audit

Check your CyberSecurity

UniSec offers a complete on-site security assessment, covering all areas of computer security, including physical access, password security, risk assessment, compliance, policies and procedures. The UniSec assessment is structured around the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization ISO17799/27002 and can also be tailored to NIST-800SP or as a SOC-2 readiness exercise.

UniSec's Cyber Threat Hunting

Find Threats Before a Breach

Our Threat Hunting Service can ensure that your network, servers and data have not been breached by major malware packages or threats.  We proactively search for signs of intrusion that your existing protections might have missed. Our Threat Hunting team can offer your upper management and board of directors the confidence that a breach has not already happened or is not currently underway. Threat Hunting performed on a regular basis is now considered an integral part of a comprehensive security and compliance program. It is the best way to confirm that your IT and security staff is keeping your company safe.

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