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UniSec's Threat Hunting

Find Threats Before A Breach

Powerful state and organized crime hacking groups are using ever more sophisticated and powerful resources to attack your systems and data. It’s getting so hard to defend against these attacks, it’s just a matter of when, not if you’ll experience a cybersecurity incident.  Even with the latest and greatest security hardware and software, an errant click by any employee can negate all controls.  The next step against the latest attacks is called Threat Hunting. Threat Hunting looks for evidence of past or current exploitation in your current system logs and records.  This “Assume Breach” posture is a final defense for your critical digital assets, stepping in when all other defenses have failed. Threat Hunting can catch hackers in the act, helping your team stop or limit damage from an intrusion. Remember that malicious parties often wait weeks or months before “springing the trap”, searching for bigger prizes on your network and infecting your backups so that they are useless in a ransomware situation. Threat Hunting can help stop this.

Unfortunately, Threat Hunting is expensive and most small and medium sized organizations cannot afford a full time Threat Hunting team.  Our Threat Hunting Service can ensure that your network, servers and data have not been breached by major malware packages or threats. Our Threat Hunting team can offer your upper management, board of directors and customers the ongoing confidence that a breach has not already happened or is not currently underway.  We use a proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  Engine to find patterns and remnants of malicious activity that are too complex for a human administrator to find. We also include Predictive Threat Hunting, which looks for attacks from major hacking groups most likely to target the organization.   Threat Hunting performed on a regular basis is now an integral part of a comprehensive security and compliance program. It is the best way to assist your IT and security staff in keeping your company safe.

Contact us for more information and a quote tailored to your specific needs.

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