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UniSec's vISO
Virtual Information Security Officer

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity With World-Class Leadership

IT security for every company, large or small has become a “top of the list” concern.  Every day brings news of yet another breach of a major corporation, government agency, hospital, public utility or financial institution. If you don’t continue to maintain and update your electronic safeguards, your client data, intellectual property and employee medical and financial information, even your operations will be compromised. It’s just a matter of time. The ever-increasing costs of a breach to your business operations and reputation make it even more important to maintain contemporary safeguards.   

Your organization can now have an experienced, focused Information Security Officer (ISO), dedicated to the real security and compliance issues that can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s business environment.

UniSec’s vISO service gives you the same up to date security controls and compliance that come with a full time, experienced ISO, available every day, providing the security of a “full time”, experienced ISO, at a price you can afford.

You can choose from the following services and customize a unique security/compliance package that is just right for your business:

Policy Package

  • Complete IT Policy Template

  • Specific Customer Customization

  • Annual Updates

DR/BC Program

  • Written, customized DR/BC plan

  • Annual updates

  • Annual DR/BC table-top test (onsite)

  • Preparation of annual report to board of directors

Vendor Management Program

  • Written vendor management policies

  • Tiering of IT vendors

  • Creation of Vendor Status spreadsheet

  • Maintenance of due diligence for each vendor

  • Preparation of annual report to board of directors

IT Security Training

  • Up to four one-hour sessions on site, for employees, board and customers

Scan and Compliance Program

  • Monthly Vulnerability scanning

  • Quarterly Penetration testing, internal and external network

  • Quarterly remediation of any vulnerabilities found

  • Complete quarterly/annual report on both scanning and remediation status

Complete Security and Compliance Management and Consulting Program

  • On site review of IT security and compliance documentation

  • On site review of overall physical and electronic security

  • On site review of IT related insurance coverage

  • Creation of a Reporting Matrix

  • Review and assistance in preparing annual security and compliance reports

  • Annual ISO/IEC 27001 based IT Security audit of systems and compliance operations

  • One or two on site planning and review meetings a year

A small investment now can prevent a possible catastrophic hack, which can bring repercussions that could mean the crippling of your company. 

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